Bide Exhibition

Bide Exhibition

This group of paintings is largely about the area I live, near Banff. When I started these about 6 years ago it had been a long time since I regularly made paintings so I was intrigued to discover what I’d do, what my natural style might be. Of course the only so called ‘natural’ style I ever had was what I made as a youngster, when I wasn’t aware of what I was doing. Now I am aware of what I’m doing, hyper-aware really, it’s difficult not to try and double-think every mark I make. I needed a process to help shut up the inner critic for a while, something to blame if it all turned out rubbish.

As the creation of any artistic style is the adoption of a set of self-devised, self-imposed rules, I decided to try using different sets of rules to see what I could do. There are paintings here where the vast majority of detail is excluded, where only larger brushes are used – some where drawing with pens and transparent acrylic inks are the main feature – those where a loose, sketchy speed is the main driver – or where I’ve abstracted the landscape further then I’ve ever gone.

The result is this diverse group of artworks I’ve called Bide – mainly because is about ‘far I bide’. One or two were made outside my corner of the world – but then again, they are all about a sense of place, where I have been, where I’ve tried to find beautiful things. I’ve learned a huge amount from making these, too much to go into here right now.

I was given the opportunity to get them seen by the good folk of Macduff Medical Practice, based at Banff Health Centre, Click Here You are welcome to visit them there. As the Medical Practice is not charging any commission, twenty percent of the income from any sales will go to a local charity.